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Trip N Friends (R&B Night) 8/11/22

TripNFriends (R&B Night) was one to showcase some amazing local artists. Just so you don't have a case of f o m o, here's a recap video! The lovely host of the night was Ms. Tara T from The Royal Outsiders, with sounds live by DJ Marky. Catch the next TripNFriends event always held at Hubbly Bubbly every month. Bring your friends, family and make some new friends at the next show.

R & B N I G H T

Did you hear the artists perform? Did you enjoy their music? Go ahead and give them a follow on their socials. Have you heard of Ahlani Janae? If not, she's definitely an artist you'll be looking to keep up with. Her latest release "4 AM" is now streaming on all platforms. The smooth vocalist Skyy Webster got everyone entranced with his talents, performing his raw voice over instrumentals. Peep his single "Show Me" on all streaming platforms. Soul-N-B graced us with her energy and performing skills. She had the crowd l i t. Did you vibe with her energy? Check out her single "Rollercoaster". With her unique style, you'll find yourself right back in that energy. The great lyricist and storyteller Dorian performed some songs from his EP "Loretha". Want to listen to more of his stories? Find him on any streaming platform to listen and be taken along on a journey.

Missed an artist you vibed with? No problem, be sure to scroll down the screen and follow the TripNFriends Spotify playlist to find any of the artists that have performed and find your favorite songs there!

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