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Trip N Friends 11/17/22

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Happy (just a couple days later) Turkey Day! Two Thursdays ago we had another amazing night at Hubbly Bubbly. Live band, Live Quartet, and Live vocals all in one place! Our host Taylor Latre kept the crowd entertained throughout the evening with his array of talents including comedy, poetry and his thought provoking song "Black Jesus". Here is a recap video of the night! For future events, be sure to follow Trip N Friends!


If you didn't recognize a song from last Thursday's show, where have you been? Did you know that DJ Triple 8 is not just a DJ?! Triple 8 showed us how talented and versatile he is with his music style. Performing with his band, Triple 8 performed a few classics. Following Trip, Miss KMarie blew us away with her amazing voice. She performed some original songs for the audience! One of those songs being her latest single "Rabbit Hole" which is now available on SoundCloud! Lastly we had a chance to watch Stringsmen Quartet perform some smash hits live! From the Rugrats theme song to Roddy Rich, The quartet blew the crowd away! They played songs from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s so no matter the age group, everyone was able to enjoy some classics arranged by the very talented Stringsmen Quartet. Be sure to follow all of the artists and show some support.

That's a wrap on this TripNFriends. Catch the next TripNFriends event always held at Hubbly Bubbly every month. Bring your friends, family and make some new friends at the next show.





Missed an artist you vibed with? No problem, peep the TripNFriends Spotify playlist below to find any of the artists that have performed at the show and find your favorite songs there!

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