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Coming from Oklahoma City, Trip G is a rapper, lyricist, producer, and a staple in the hip hop community. Surrounded by music from the time he was a child, Trip G has taken his trials and tribulations and turned them into songs that inspire and fuel the mind to think deeper and search for better in oneself. A full time dad, and a full time member of the hip hop community leaves Trip G with room for zero excuses. Since his time as an independent artist, Trip G has relished in each and every opportunity that he has been blessed with. He took the time to release multiple mixtapes & EPs, two albums, and his latest album Trip Wire. As well as writing, Trip G has traveled multiple times to perform at shows across the country, even opening for SOB X RBEK CAMPLil DickyFellyMike FlossMursMickey Factz and Jabee. Trip G is selfless and uses himself as an example to others to prove that you can make it through anything, as long as you have the right attitude and have a work ethic that cannot be matched by anyone around you.


What's Next Trip?

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